Earl T. Korns, Somerset County, PA

This photo of Earl T. Korns of Southampton Township, Somerset County, PA is taken from page 85 of the 1949 book "The Genealogy of Michael Korns, Sr. of Somerset County Pennsylvania", which states "Earl T. Korns, married Ella Lepley. Children: Lester & Lucretia". Earl was the son of John Wilson Korns and his wife Mary (Geiger) Korns of Southampton Township, Somerset County, PA.

Page 6 of Roger and Mona Huffman's 2007 book "A Look At Southampton Township Pennsylvania", Volume II indicates that Earl T. Korns was, under the tutelage of Joseph Watts of Cooks Mill, practicing coronet music in 1908, and worked for W. Lancaster at a sawmill on January 5, 1910. Page 7 indicates that Earl Korns began working for Wesley Hosselrode at a sawmill on February 5, 1910. Page 8 indicates that Earl Korns butchered a hog that weighed 655 pounds on January 25, 1927. Page 8 also indicates that Wilson's wife Mary (Geiger) Korns died of a paralytic stroke on June 8, 1931. The information was credited to clippings collected by Charles Burkett and Stella (Emerick) Shroyer.

Earl Korns family materials (Somerset County, PA)

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  • Earl Korns with his daughter Lucretia and his father John Wilson Korns

  • Photo of Earl Korns with his large 500-600 lb red hog

  • Earl Korns taking a buggy ride with his family

  • Spoon holder of Mr. & Mrs. Earl T. Korns, Southampton Township, Somerset County PA

  • Earl & Nevin Korns, attending Korns School, 1904

  • Photo of Bertha Cook, Lucretia Korns, and Florence Rizer

  • 50th wedding anniversary wedding present

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