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Michael Korns, Sr. of Southampton Township, Somerset County, PA was a son of Carl (Charles) Korns and Otilla Korns of Maxatawney Township, Berks County, Pa, and was born in Berks County in 1760. His wife's name was Susanna, who died in 1811. Michael Korns died in 1824. They are buried in Cook Cemetery, near the family farm in Southampton Township, Somerset County, PA. Michael's children were:

Michael Korns Genealogy Materials:

  • Download "The Genealogy of Michael Korns, Sr. of Somerset County Pennsylvania" book

  • Excerpts from the Michael Korns Chapter of the 1949 Michael Korns genealogy book (text version)

  • Old photo of Michael and Susanna Korns tombstones from Korns book

  • Michael Korn, Sr. headstone, 2001

  • Lettering on rear of Michael Korn, Sr. headstone, 2007

  • Susanna Korn headstone, 2001

  • Susanna Korn footstone, 2002

  • Londonderry twp. 1800 taxables list in 1906 history book

  • Draft of Michael Korns, Sr. farm from C.B. Korns book

  • View photos of the Michael Korns, Sr. homestead near Wellersburg

  • Photo of Charles and Barbara (Korn) Uhl

  • E.C. Saylor's 1932 notes on John & Delilah (Korns) Miller family (240 KB PDF)

  • Michael Korn name in 1798 Allegany Co. MD estate record

  • English language translation of Susanna Bauscher birth record

  • 1917 Joseph Korns Genealogy Affidavit (236 KB PDF)

  • A 1933 submission by Chas. F. Cook, apparently to a Baker Heirs Association (128 KB PDF)

  • Early Korns info from the PA Archives book, Third Series (printed 1899), including Michael Korn reference

  • Michael Corns in 1787 Deakins Survey west of Fort Cumberland

  • An 1804 act designating the Michael Korn house as an election site

  • Was Susanna Korn's maiden name Baker or Bauscher?

  • A walk through Michael Korn's world and time

  • A closer look at the 1829 draught of the Michael Korns farm

  • Tombstone of Rebecca (Korns) Witt, daughter of Michael Korn, Sr.

  • Published lineages that mention Michael Korns

  • Michael Korns, 1796 co-owner of Broadhag's coal bank, Allegany County, MD

  • 1939 aerial photos of property shown on the 1829 estate of Michael Korn, Sr.

  • 1830 Michael Korn estate deed transferring property to Jacob Cook

  • 1817 sale of 190 acres from Michael Korn to Jacob Cook

  • 1835 map showing road past Michael Korn's property that ran from Corriganville to Berlin

  • The George Sturtz Place, including Michael Korn's Deakin's Survey lot 3356

  • Map of tracts showing Michael Korn's purchase of Comley Randal's 1767 tract

  • Plat of Michael Korn's tract 2491

  • A book about the early roads located near Michael Korns, Sr.

  • The great survey deed, conveying property to Michael Corn, Adam Lepley, Joseph Hardy, and others

  • Copy of an 1895 survey showing the former Michael Korns, Sr. property.

  • 1997 e-mail mentions Daniel and Susanna Bauscher and the Michael Korns, Sr. family

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