John Wilson & Mary Elizabeth (Geiger) Korns

This photograph of John Wilson Korns and his wife Mary (Geiger) Korns was handed down in the Wilson Korns family line.

According to "Cemeteries of Somerset Co.", John Wilson Korns was born in 1858 and died Sept 13, 1926, and his wife Mary Elizabeth (Geiger) Korns was born August 4, 1867 and died June 8, 1931. Mary Elizabeth (Geiger) Korns was the daughter of Aaron Geiger and Lavina (Bowman) Gieger. The Korns descendants who presently live on the former John Wilson Korns farm refer to him as "Wilse".

John and Mary's grand-daughter recollects that Mary always kept a beautiful table with a white table cloth, and was a good cook. The threshing crews always looked forward to coming there because they knew they would get a good meal. According to a grandson of John and Mary, one of Wilse's barns burned down circa 1924, when Calvin Bittner was threshing there.

According to Lester Korns, Wilse's father Dan Korns lived on a farm in Richy Hollow, and the Dan Korns family moved to the Sturtz farm when Wilse was 12 years old. Lester said that Dan Korns sold the Richy Hollow farm for three thousand dollars and bought the Sturtz farm for four thousand dollars. The man who bought the Richy Hollow farm had only paid Dan two thousand dollars, then moved to Philadelphia. Dan went to Philadelphia after the debt, and came back with the one thousand dollars he was owed. Lester said that Wilse's father Dan Korns was born just before the Cook Cemetery, and that Dan's father Dan was born at the Michael Korns Somerset County, PA family home that is featured on this web site.

According to the written record left by Mrs. Allen Korns, John Wilson Korns and his wife Mary (Geiger) Korns had the following children:

  • Earl Theodore Korns, who married Ella Lepley

  • Neven Korns, who married Anna Longanecker

  • John Korns, who married Katheryn Martz

  • Allen Korns, who married Gladys Bittner

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