Daniel Korns' 1864 Civil War Book

The links below show (in GIF format) the title page and handwritten entries in Daniel Korns' 1864 book on the Civil War that is titled Organization of the Army of the Potomac and of its Campaigns in Virginia and Maryland. I find it interesting that a mountain farmer was reading such a weighty topic. The book came from the family home of Allen Lester Korns of Southampton Township, Somerset county, PA and now belongs to one of his grandchildren. Allen Korns's home was owned previously by his father John Wilson Korns and his grandfather Daniel Korns, Jr. Click here to read a Google copy of a different specimen of the book.

Click here to see the images that are linked below in a single PDF document.

Written receipt in front of the book
Title page
Somerset County Southampton inscription in back of book
Lessons inscription in back of book
Emanuel Korns' name in back of book
Daniel Korns' name in back of book
Daniel Korns' name in back of book

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