Korns family burials in Cook Cemetery


The index below shows Korns family tombstones from the Cook Cemetery near Wellersburg, in Southampton Township, Somerset County PA. The cemetery is approximately 1.1 miles north of the Maryland state line. For a zoomable Google aerial photo of where the Cook cemetery is located, click here.

Old photo of Michael and Susanna Korns tombstones from Korns book
Michael Korn, Sr. tombstone, 2001
Susanna Korn tombstone, 2001
Susanna Korn footstone, 2002
Daniel Korns, Sr. side of shared tombstone
Elizabeth (Reiber) Korns side of shared tombstone
Daniel Korns, Jr. side of shared tombstone
Caroline (Tressler) Korns side of shared tombstone
Tombstone of John Wilson and Mary (Geiger) Korns
Tombstone of Allen Lester & Gladys Edna (Bittner) Korns
Photo of Cook Cemetery, from the “Genealogy of Michael Korns, Sr.” book
Cook Cemetery photos from another website

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