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Allen Lester Korns of Southampton Township Somerset County PA, the son of John Wilson Korns and his wife Mary (Geiger) Korns, married Gladys Edna Bittner, the daughter of Calvin Wesley Bittner and his wife Ida Ada (Petenbrink) Bittner. Here are some items of interest regarding the Bittner and Petenbrink families.

Calvin Bittner was born April 28, 1880 in Jones Mills and died July 16, 1964. His wife Ida Ada (Petenbrink) Bittner was born December 3, 1884 and died Jan. 13, 1977. Calvin and Ida were married Dec. 23, 1903. Calvin Bittner and his wife Ida Ada (Petenbrink) Bittner are buried at St. John’s United Methodist Church at White Oak, Larimer Township, Somerset Co. PA. Click here for a photo of their tombstone.

The obituary of Calvin W. Bittner reads as follows:
"Calvin Wesley Bittner, 84, Meyersdale RD 4, died Thursday, July 16 at home. He was born April 28, 1880 in Jones Mills, son of Joseph and Druzilla (Beal) Bittner.
He is survived by his wife, Ada Petenbrink Bittner; three daughters: Mrs. Allen Korns of Hyndman RD, Mrs. Robert Hittie of New Freedom and Mrs. John Sass Jr. of Salix; two sons, Ramon Clinto (sic) Bittner of Meyersdale RD 4 and Wilbert Bittner at home; a sister, Miss Edna Bittner of Meyersdale RD 4; 22 grandchildren and 22 great grandchildren.
Funeral service was held Sunday at Temple EUB Church, White Oak, the Rev. Earl Meyers officiating. Interment in church cemetery. in charge of Konhaus Funeral Home."

The names of the children of Calvin and Ida are:

  • Gladys Edna Bittner, born May 9, 1904
  • Ina Gertrude born March 8, 1906
  • Stanley Wilbert Bittner, born March 29, 1911, never married
  • Calvin Wesley, Jr. died at birth March 3, 1918
  • Raymond Clinton Bittner, known as "Clinton", b. March 3, 1920, died Jan. 8, 1996, who married Alberta Rosella Conner, daughter of George Lester Conner and Anna Rosella Lowery
  • Mildred Janette or Jenette Bittner, born July 13, 1927, married John Sass, Jr.

    Calvin's parents were Joseph 'Josiah Joe' Bittner and Drucilla (Beal) Bittner. Ida Ada's parents were Peter Frederick Petenbrink and his wife Flora (Kennel) Petenbrink. Flora's parents were Andrew Kennel and Lydia Boyer. According to the book “Pastors and People of Somerset Classis", Lydia Boyer was the daughter of Jonathan and Susan Boyer, was born March 21, 1833 at Kennels Mills PA, died March 15, 1921, was baptized and confirmed in the Lutheran Church and later supported the Gladden‘s Run Church, and married Frederick Hasselroth in 1862 and had a large family with him. (Flora Kennel was born out of wedlock.) Peter Petenbrink's parents were Christian Petenbrink and Anna Keilman/Coleman. Christian's father was Peter Peppenbrink.

    Calvin Bittner worked one winter in the clay mines. During World War II, he hauled coal to Meyersdale (to the railroad) with his team of horses. Their home burned on December 19, 1943. For a number of years he bought cattle hogs and sheep and sold the meat on a Saturday route. He also owned a Huber tractor engine with a thresher, corn husker, and silo filler and a a sawmill and did custom work with them.

    Page 8 of Roger and Mona Huffman's 2007 book "A Look At Southampton Township Pennsylvania", Volume II indicates that Calvin and Ada Petenbrink, from near White Oaks, raised a new barn on June 20, 1926. The information was credited to clippings collected by Charles Burkett and Stella (Emerick) Shroyer.

    In 1993 Calvin & Ida Ada's daughter Mildred wrote the following to me:
    "Thank you so much for the copy of the article from the Laurel Messenger on Reichards/White Oak Church. That is the church where my mother had her membership until she died. My dad was a member of St. John's Evangelical Church which became the United Methodist Church.
    My home burned December 19, 1943. Two years before, Clinton's home burned. (Dec. 17, 1941). His home had been made into two apartments and the people on the other side had an overheated flue. Dad's home, near Deal, burnt on a Sunday. They discovered it after we came back from church, around noon, and they carried the stoves out without gloves on their hands. It started in the attic some how but they never found out what started it. There was no electric in the house.
    The Bible records of Owen Beal was really a classic article. My father talked of his uncle Andy Beal.
    My parents, my uncles and aunts on my father's side, and my baby brother are all buried in the cemetery out behind the St. John United Methodist Church (known as the temple) at White Oak. Also grandparents are buried there on my dad's side."

    I accompanied my grandmother Gladys (Bittner) Korns on several occasions when she went to visit her mother and father. Her father Calvin was known as "Pop" and her mother Ina was known as "Mom". Calvin and Ina were still living in the small cottage on their family farm at the time of my visits, although they were quite elderly. This home was nor far from the White Oak Churches in Somerset County, Pa. Calvin and Ina evidently had some of the pioneer philosophy to the tune of "make do or do without" because I remember that one of the cabinets in their home had wooden thread spools substituting for drawer pulls.

    The last time I visited the home of my Great-Grandparents I met their son Wilbur, who I believe lived his entire life with Calvin and Ida. My mother Estalene told me that Wilbur had fallen as a child when running across corn stubble, and the resulting injury destroyed his ability to speak. He was mute when I met him. He was at least 50 or 60 years old when I met him, and it was impossible to understand his attempts at communication. It turned out that he wanted to show me his rabbits, which he kept in hutches in the barn. He was very proud of them, and I had an interesting time getting to see them all.

    According to Pattysue Murphy, "Wilbert had his own way of speaking...Grandma Bittner was the best at understanding him. I could catch some of what he said. When he was in the nursing home they found that he had the ability to speak normally, but wouldn't from years of speaking "his" way. Maybe the accident cause it in the beginning, but he kept it up. Maybe his way didn't hurt his throat. I was told it was a golden rod stem...stories!".

    Wilbert is also buried at St. John's United Methodist Church at White Oak, Larimer Township, Somerset Co. PA and his tombstone reads "S. Wilbert Bittner 1911-1994".

    I was also to the farm of Calvin and Ida's son Clinton Bittner as a child, and Clinton visited our house once in Mercer County. Clinton's farm was not far from that of his parents, but it was even closer to the farm of my Grandfather Irvin H. Dietle.

    L. Dietle

    Bittner Genealogy Materials
    Wedding photo of Mr. & Mrs. Calvin Bittner
    Inside Calvin Bittner's house
    Calvin Bittner's 1899-1900 Wittenburg school card
    Photo of Mrs. Calvin Bittner in old age
    Photo of Calvin Bittner in old age
    Calvin Bittner family portrait
    Cream pitcher of Mr. & Mrs. Calvin Bittner
    Photo of the young Calvin Bittner
    Mrs. Calvin Bittner, with mother, daughter, and grandson
    1925 Photo of Gladys Bittner & others
    1925 Photo of Pop Bittner, Gladys Bittner & others
    Gladys (Bittner) Korns' baby chair
    Post card of Gladys and Ina Bittner, daughters of Calvin Bittner
    Joseph Bittner obituary, May 21, 1936
    Gladys Bittner, daughter of Calvin Bittner, 1924 photo
    1923 photo of Leta Brown, Gladys Bittner and Minerva Mazer
    1924 photo of Gladys Bittner at the Philson School
    Gladys Bittner with her Korns School class of 1923-24
    Photo of Calvin Bittner's children, their spouses
    Photo of Alverda and Gladys Bittner as children
    Photo of Nannie and Edna Bittner
    Mower, Gladys Bittner in center of group, Ethel Beal seated
    Josiah Joe Bittner, posing with family members
    Calvin Bittner with Logson''s, Shroyer's (97KB)
    Charley Bittner at Samson's rock (241KB)
    Ida Ada "Mom" Bittner with cake (37KB)
    Calvin and Ida (Petenbrink) Bittner 60th anniversary (1055KB)
    Gladys Bittner holding Verna Mankamyer
    Gladys Bittner, Leta, Lucille, Ina, Minerva
    Hilda Bittner, from Gladys Korns album
    Ina and Clinton Bittner, from Gladys Korns album
    Lucille Mazer, Paulene Mankameyer, from Gladys Korns album
    Photo of Calvin and Ida Ada (Petenbrink) Bittner
    Gladys and Alverta Bittner as children (63KB)
    Marriage certificate of Calvin and Ida (Petenbrink) Bittner
    Franklin Bittner 1880 census enumeration, Greenville twp. (30KB)
    George Klingaman, Sr will, Page 1 and 2 (226 KB PDF)
    George Klingaman, Jr. estate document, Page 1 and 2 (334 KB PDF)
    Gladys Edna (Bittner) Korns genealogy notebook (The notebook covers a great many Southern Somerset County PA families, including (but not limited to) Bittner, Petenbrink, Kennel, Hosselrode, Korns, Geiger, Mazer, Sass and Boyer.)
    Calvin Bittner Chevrolet truck title
    Calvin Bittner with his daughter-in-law Alberta Bittner Contributed by Pattysue (Geary) Winters
    Ida "Mom" Bittner with granddaughter Gloria and two great-grandchildren Contributed by Pattysue (Geary) Winters
    Mr. & Mrs. Calvin Bittner 60th wedding anniversary Contributed by Pattysue (Geary) Winters
    Tombstone of Josiah Bittner 1854-1936 Contributed by Pattysue (Geary) Winters
    Josiah Bittner in 1890 veterans schedule Contributed by Pattysue (Geary) Winters
    Tombstone of Raymond Clinton Bittner BS his wife Alberta (Conner) Bittner Contributed by Pattysue (Geary) Winters
    Another obituary of Josiah Bittner Contributed by Pattysue (Geary) Winters
    Obituary of Raymond Clinton Bittner Contributed by Pattysue (Geary) Winters
    WW-I draft registration of Calvin Wesley Bittner Contributed by Pattysue (Geary) Winters
    WW-II draft registration of Calvin Wesley Bittner Contributed by Pattysue (Geary) Winters
    Tombstone of Calvin Wesley Bittner and Ida Ada (Petenbrink) Bittner Contributed by Pattysue (Geary) Winters

    Misc. Petenbrink Genealogy Materials
    The ship Marianne, which brought the Petenbrinks to America
    Peter and Christian Petenbrink naturalization documents
    Norman Petenbrink barn construction photo 1 (208KB)
    Norman Petenbrink barn construction photo 2 (50KB)
    Getz Cemetery Listings (Petenbrink, Kennel, 148 KB PDF)
    Petenbrink Passengers Onboard the Ship Marianne, 1842 (477 KB PDF)
    Some rough notes on the Petenbrink Family (17 KB)
    Ancestors of Ida Ada (Petenbrink) Bittner (104 KB PDF)
    Marguerite L. Cockley‘s notes on the Petenbrink family
    A. Petenbrink research letter to Mrs. Cockley (134 KB PDF)
    Petenbrink research letter from dau. of Calvin Bittner (73 KB PDF)
    Marriage Certificate of Henry and Anna Marie (Everline) Petenbrink (477 KB PDF)
    Andrew Petenbrink's 2015 white paper on the Petenbrink family
    Obituary of Oscar . Petenbrink, son of Norman Contributed by Pattysue (Geary) Winters
    Vincent Petenbrink meets friends at English Harbor, Dec. 13, 1944 newspaper Contributed by Pattysue (Geary) Winters
    Petenbrink reunion, 1968 Contributed by Pattysue (Geary) Winters
    Catherine (Petenbrink) Shaffer death certificate Contributed by Pattysue (Geary) Winters
    Photo of Lydia Gertrude Petenbrink, born 1886 Contributed by Pattysue (Geary) Winters
    Vincent Petenbrink strike case, August 14, 1939 newspaper article Contributed by Pattysue (Geary) Winters
    Violet (Petenbrink) Mankamyer 45th wedding anniversary announcement, 1962 Contributed by Pattysue (Geary) Winters
    Three sons of Elmer Petenbrink in the service Contributed by Pattysue (Geary) Winters
    Paul Eugene Petenbrink weds in Pensecola, June 23, 1943 newspaper article Contributed by Pattysue (Geary) Winters
    Ray G. Petenbrink discharged, September 22, 1945 newspaper article Contributed by Pattysue (Geary) Winters
    Two Petenbrink boys visit home, August 3, 1942 newspaper article Contributed by Pattysue (Geary) Winters
    Private Edwin Petenbrink weds, July 21, 1943 newspaper notice Contributed by Pattysue (Geary) Winters

  • Click here for a 1-6-2016 draft of Andrew Petenbrink's book "Descendants of Johannes Keilman".
    Edwin F. Petenbring wounded on Leyte, June 4, 1945 newspaper article Contributed by Pattysue (Geary) Winters

    Peter Frederick Petenbrink Genealogy Materials
    Photo of the Peter Petenbrink family
    Photo of the extended Peter Petenbrink family
    Photo of Christian Peepenbrink with his son Peter Petenbrink's family
    The family of Peter and Flora Petenbrink
    Ida Ada Petenbrink photo as a youth
    Ida Ada Petenbrink Mountain School Card
    Ada Petenbrink's brother and sisters
    Ida Ada Petenbrink as a young woman
    Peter and Flora Petenbrink bio in "Wills Creek Charge" book
    Photo of Lydia (Boyer) Hasselroth, mother of Flora (Kennel) Petenbrink (689 KB PDF)
    Peter & Flora Petenbrink tombstones, White Oaks, Somerset Co. PA
    Death of Flora Petenbrink (174 KB PDF)
    Death of Peter F. Petenbrink (314 KB PDF)
    Peter Petenbrink, School Officer, Spruce Bank School, 1914-15
    Peter Petenbrink farm house
    Petenbrink farm photo
    Andrew Kennell, father of Peter Petenbrink's wife Flora
    Andrew Kennell's barn
    Andrew Kennell in front of his house
    Peter Petenbrink, Director, Comps School, 1913
    Peter Petenbrink house
    Obituary of Flora (Kennel) Petenbrink Contributed by Pattysue (Geary) Winters
    Obituary of Peter Petenbrink Contributed by Pattysue (Geary) Winters
    Contributed by Pattysue (Geary) Winters
    Four Petenbrink daughters marry Bittner men Contributed by Pattysue (Geary) Winters

    Christian Petenbrink Genealogy Materials
    Christian Petenbrink Civil War Records from the National Archives
    Photo of Christian Peepenbrink in old age
    Christian Petenbrink estate documents
    Record of Christian Pettenbrink's 1884 death
    Anonymous profile of Christian Petenbrink
    Marriage license record, Christian Petenbrink to Eliza Coleman, Jan. 7, 1846
    Photo of Mrs. Christian Petenbrink
    C. Shaffer document, showing Anna Keilman as wife of Christian Petenbrink (457 KB)
    Christian & Annie Petenbrink tombstone, Getz Cemetery, Southampton Township
    Christian Petenbrink & Misc. Korns in 1850 census, Southampton Township (209 KB PDF)
    Christian Petenbrink in 1860 census, Southampton Township (286 KB PDF)
    The marriages of Christian's daughter & step-daughter to G. Shuckhart-reimbursement app (255 KB PDF)
    The marriages of Christian's daughter & step-daughter to G. Shuckhart-questionnaire (172 KB PDF)

    Christian‘s Father Peter Peppenbrink
    Deed relating to the widow of Christian’s father Peter Peppenbrink (570 KB PDF)
    Licence, remarriage of Peter Peppenbrink, father of Christian Petenbrink

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