Korn Family: This is believed to be the wedding announcement of Carl Korn.

Korn Family: Carl Korn Wedding Announcement

This copy of a 1752 Korn genealogy document from Krefeld-Rheinland, Germany is believed to be the public announcement of the forthcoming wedding of our ancestor Carl Korn and his bride Odelia Kraussen, whom we know from the C.B. Korns genealogy book only as Otillia. From my own experience with my family surname "Dietle" in Pennsylvania records, I know that "D" and "T" are sometimes interchanged in the German language, so "Otillia" and "Odelia" are easily understood and accepted to be the same name. This document is from FHL 1336928, and was graciously forwarded to me by another Korns genealogy researcher. It indicates that Odelia is from Bulheim.

Krefeld is a city in the German state of Nordrhein-Westfalen (North Rhine-Westphalia). It is located just west of the Rhine river, southwest of the Ruhr. I'm confused though, because the Carl Korn baptism (FHL 0193924) and confirmation (FHL 01939241 Page 388) records are supposed to be from Kriegsfeld, Rheinland, Germany. I don't know if Kreigsfeld and Krefeld are two different places, or two different names for the same place.

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