Misc. Somerset Co. PA & Allegany Co. MD History Materials

This is an index to pages of misc. material on Korns.org that relate to Somerset County, PA and Allegany County, MD genealogy and history.

Misc. Somerset County info.
1881 diary of Josephine Emerick (679KB PDF)
Miller genealogy book, Meyersdale, 1963, 53 pages
Bible records of Ludwig Bare
1838 Petition of Isaac Miller for Tavern in Berlin, PA
Somerset in 1847 "Early History of Western Pennsylvania"
1800-1900 census summary, Somerset County, PA
171st Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteers
Old post cards from Somerset County, PA (Index)
1789 Militia list, Londonderry Township, Bedford County
Antique rough brake for a horse-drawn wagon
Robert Smith, Insolvency Law Petition, 1800 Somerset County, PA
Somerset County PA Colloquialisms
Somerset Co. chapter from 1847 Early History of Western Pennsylvania and the Western Campaigns (422 KB PDF)
Peter Livengood genealogy information
The story of George Countryman & Simon Hay
Pittsburgh and Connelsville Railroad Company to Samuel A. Long, 1855, Larimer Township
Was there a fortification in Larimer Township?
Article on Somerset County, PA from the 1843 "Historical Collections of the State of Pennsylvania"
Index to maps of Somerset County, PA and nearby Allegany County, MD
The Turkey Foot Road between Fort Cumberland, Maryland and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Somerset County created from a portion of Bedford County, 1795
Descendants of Johann Adam Dietel of 19th Century Somerset County, Pennsylvania
A 2014 article on the Turkey Foot Road
History of Meyersdale, by John Olinger
Gunsmiths of Bedford and Somerset counties, Pennsylvania
Click here to see an interactive map I made that compares the Turkey Foot Road to Braddock's Road.

Misc. Southampton Township
Jacob Knuff 1845 Southampton Township tavern petition
Catharine Troutman, Consort of William (tombstone), Wellersburg, PA
Daniel Benjamin Troutman Muzzle Loading Rifle Photos
Southampton twp. descriptions in Somerset County history books
Mystery rock stacks near a steep gully along the old turnpike/plank road
Agreement, Samuel Witt & George Cook, Jr.
Rachel Troutman to Benjamin Troutman, 1871
Estate of Samuel Witt to John Long, 1846
Remains of Fink's Church along Glencoe road
Isaac Harden of Southampton Township, Somerset County, PA (index)
The board yard
Gladdens School (from Merle Korns's scrapbook)
1838 John Harden to Richard Gaumer article of agreement for 179 acres
Southampton Twp, Somerset Co. created from a portion of Bedford Co., 1800
Christian Sturtz, early Somerset County resident

Wellersburg, Southampton Township, Somerset County, PA
Zion's pre-1904 church records (6750KB)
Early photo of Main Street, Wellersburg
Early photo of Wellersburg store & blacksmith shop
Early photo of Wellersburg E.U.B. Church, attended by some Korns families
Early photo of 1801 Wellersburg School House
The circa 1855 Wellersburg iron furnace
The first brick house in Wellersburg
Mr. and Mrs. John G. Witt in Wellersburg, PA
The Wellersburg Reformed and Lutheran Church
Somerset and Cumberland Turnpike
1876 street map of the town of Wellersburg
Wellersburg Inclined Plane & Coal Tipple
Wellersburg & Jennings Run Railroad
Wellersburg Coal Company stock certificate, 1855
Wellersburg Pumping Station photo
Pure Oil Co. fire bricks from Wellersburg
Hay's mill in Wellersburg
Uhl gristmill, Wellersburg, PA (updated 8-26-2009)
Photo survey of the Uhl Mill site, including race photos
Moser Store, Wellersburg, PA, 1800's
Dom Farm near Wellersburg, PA
Spruce Bank School, near Wellersburg, PA
1855 Jacob Cook deed to Church Trustees, Wellersburg, PA
Wellersburg area log house, Somerset County PA
Wellersburg PA Post Offices
1938 branch railroad to Wellersburg
1860 Walker map of Wellersburg
1843 Wellersburg tavern petition of John Brallier features many local signatures, including Daniel Korns, Sr.; George Close; George Cook; John Mong; Jacob Cook; Daniel Lepley; Jacob Korns; John R. Brinham; Samuel Gaumer; Daniel Gaumer; Samuel Hoyman.
Rev. Benjamin Knepper

Kennells Mills
Old water powered mill at Kennells Mills, PA
Kennell's Mill millstone burr stones
Railroad along Gladdens Run
Old store located near site of Kennells Grist Mill
Gladdens Post Office, near Kennell's Grist Mill
Fulling Mill near Kennells Mill, PA
Water powered mill near the Kennels Mills-area fulling mill
Old bridge abutment from the Palo Alto Road near the fulling mill site

Second Regiment, Potomac Home Brigade
Civil War armored cars on the B&O Railroad
South Branch wire bridge battle, 2nd Potomac Home Brigade
2nd Potomac Home Brigade info from 1882 "History of Western Maryland"
Christian Petenbrink, 2nd Potomac Home Brigade soldier
Second Regiment, Potomac Home Brigade, Maryland Volunteers

Somerset County Churches
"The Wills Creek Charge" Church history book
Beams Reformed Church, Jenner Township, Somerset County, PA
Greenville Lutheran Church, 1993 (53KB)
White Oak Mt. Carmel Luthern Church, Larimer Township, circa 1920, photo 1 (214KB)
White Oak Mt. Carmel Church, Larimer Township, circa 1920, composite photo 2 (315KB)
Southampton twp. church descriptions in 1906 history book
Comp's Church, Southampton Township
The Wellersburg Reformed and Lutheran Church
The Gladden's Reformed and Lutheran Church, Southampton Township
Wellersburg Evangelical Lutheran Church, 1897, Irene Wilhelm membership certificate
The Mull House where church services were held before the Mulls congregation built a church.
White Oak Lutheran and Reformed church, built in 1846

Hochstetler / Hostetler
2002 Photo of the original Somerset Co. farm of John Hochstetler
Photo of Hostetler soda bottle, Meyersdale, PA

Somerset County Schools
Gladys Bittner with her Korns School class of 1923-24
Korns School, Southampton Township, Class of 1939-40
Korns School, 1955 (Southampton township, Somerset Co. PA)
Geiger School building, Irvin Dietle teacher
Geiger School outing to nearby Irvin Dietle farm
Geiger School class photo from 1930's
Class Photo, Geiger School, Larimer Township
Class Photo, Witt School, Irvin Dietle teacher
Comps School Souvenir, 1913
Gladys (Bittner) Korns' class at the Wilson School
Mountain School card showing Emanuel Korns as Director
Calvin Bittner 1899-1900 Wittenburg School Card
1924 photo of Gladys Bittner at the Philson School
Philson School photo
The Philson School
1904 Korns School Souvenir, Southampton Township
Korns School, Class of 1906-07
1911 Kennells Mills School Souvenir
Circa 1930 photo of students at the Kennell's Mill School
Witt School, 2021 photos

Lepley family information
The Lepley stone house
Lepley 19th century rifle-making hardware
Lepley Cemetery Index
Ancestors of Johanna (Lepley) Korns
Lepley hand-hewn hoe, Southampton Township, Somerset County, PA
Pages from 1881 book on Joseph Lepley, who married Catherine Korns, daughter of Daniel Korns

Misc. Allegany County, Maryland
The Turkey Foot Road between Fort Cumberland, Maryland and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Barrelville, Maryland
1845 Cumberland Hose Company building, Cumberland, Maryland
Porter/Huff Cemetery, Allegany County, MD
1874 map of the Barrelville area, showing railroads and military lots
1875 Allegany County Maryland map
1860 Narrows Viaduct, Cumberland MD
Railroad-related photos from Cumberland MD
Archibald Arnold's will listed in Durbin's neglect patent
The site of the former Maryland Wood Fiber Plaster and Supply Company
Index to maps of Allegany County, MD and nearby Somerset County, PA
"Devil's Backbone", Corriganville, MD
"Indian Will's" Cove
A photo showing Cumberland and the Narrows
1810 census, Alleghany Co. District 4, including Arnold's settlement
William Logsdon's 1806 "Williams Good Luck" tract
The mining town of Pamosa, Maryland
A study of the Water Works tract near Barrellville
Photo of the Braddock Coal Company building from Paul Lohr.
Volume II of the 1966 book "Early Allegany County Records, 1788-1812"
Christopher Gist's manuscript map of Braddock's expedition"

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